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Cyprus Economy

Comprehensive guide by PricewaterhouseCoopers about the benefits of living, working and establishing a business in Cyprus.

Request for the short term supply of natural gas to DEFA for delivery to power stations in Cyprus

United States Hellenic Organizations

Our mission is as clear today as it was when AHI was founded in 1974: Upholding the rule of law in matters of U.S. foreign policy, particularly in our nation’s dealings with Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey. In 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied Cyprus, AHI advocated a profoundly simple response—enforce U.S. law. At the time, the Executive Branch refused to enforce federal laws that prohibited Turkey’s aggressive use of U.S.-supplied arms and equipment.

The Hellenic American Bankers Association, Inc. (HABA) is one of the premier Greek-American organizations in the New York metropolitan area. HABA is a not-for-profit organization established in 1982 to promote the professional and educational interest of Greek-Americans, Cypriots and Pan-Hellens in the banking and finance industries.

The Hellenic Lawyers Association of New York was founded to establish a network of attorneys of Hellenic descent and to provide opportunities for professional development.

One of this organization’s purposes is to serve the Greek community as well as other communities in the New York area for the purpose of educating people and helping them better their lives and their communities.  

News Agencies

Cyprus Mail is one of the two English-language daily newspapers published in Cyprus. It is the oldest daily newspaper in Cyprus, established in 1945, is completely independent and has no political affiliations. It is published daily (except Mondays), and most of the local articles are available online on the newspaper's website. The newspaper can also be read from mobile devices.

The Cyprus Weekly is an English-language publication in Cyprus, with a circulation exceeding 14,000. It is an independent publication, without any political affiliations and is published every Saturday. It is part of the Phileleftheros group.  The newspaper features news items from through the week and includes a popular Lifestyle section. The newspaper's reporters include John Leonidou, Demetra Molyva, Melissa Hekkers, Annie Charalambous, Athena Karsera, Nicole Zeniou, Paul Malaos, Katerina Emmanouil and Katherine Pollard.  The editor in chief is Bouli Hadjioannou. The chief reporter is Charlie Charalambous while the sports editor is Soteris Charalambous. The photographer is Stefanos Kouratzis.  In 2013, The Cyprus Weekly launched a twin newspaper called The Cyprus Daily which is published between Monday and Friday.

Business Resources

Concerning the development of the internal gas market and network, a Natural Gas Company, known by its Greek Acronyms as DEFA, has been established and is responsible for the import, storage, distribution, transmission, supply and trading of natural gas, and the management of the distribution and supply system of Natural Gas in Cyprus.  The council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus has issued a decree dated 18/06/2008, which appoints DEFA as the sole importer and Distributor of Natural Gas in Cyprus and directs DEFA to proceed with securing the necessary Natural Gas quantities at the best commercial terms.

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