Cyprus-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Chairman's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

During the last three years, those of us in charge of running a business, big or small, faced a multitude of problems and adversities never experienced before. Those of us in the employ of others had to live with the possibility of a job loss and its tragic consequences, which made life even more difficult. But we survived, and having learned from it we are now stronger and better equipped to face the future and all the challengers that may come with it.

During these difficult times, our Chamber remained strong thanks to the dedication of our Board of Directors, the support of our past President Peter Kakoyiannis and the new ideas and positive energy exhibited by our current President Dennis C. Droushiotis. I am grateful to our Members for their continued support without which our Chamber could not exist. I also wish to thank Despina Axiotakis, our Executive Director, for all her diligent efforts.

I am truly proud of all we have achieved for the short time of our Chamber‘s existence; but a lot remains to be done. In order to secure continuity and the existence of our Chamber, we need to involve the young professionals and entrepreneurs. As Chairman, with the Board‘s support, I intend to lead the effort in launching The Young Entrepreneurs Initiative for the purpose of recruiting into our Chamber young professionals who are willing to embrace the mission and purposes of the Chamber and who aspire to become the next generation leaders of the Cypriot and Greek business community.

We are exceptionally honored by the acceptance of Dr. Christopher A. Pissarides, Nobel Prize Laureate, to be the honoree at the Chambers Distinguished Merit Award Dinner for 2011. I invite all of you to be part of this special Gala in celebration of Dr. Pissarides‘ stellar achievement and share some memorable and historic moments with the one person that filled all Hellenes and especially all Cypriots with immense pride and honor.

My best wishes to all,
Andreas D. Comodromos, Chairman

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