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About the Program

The J-1 Visa provides countless opportunities for international candidates looking to gain experience in the United States. The multifaceted program enable foreign nationals to come to the U.S. and be interns or trainees in several industries for periods ranging from a 3 months to 18 months.

All Host US-based companies we identified have some Cypriot ownership/interest. At least 4 companies are participating so far.

  1. The candidates that that these companies are interested in are in the fields of IT, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Accounting and Actuarial Science.
  2. We expect to bring 6 young professionals from Cyprus to participate.
  3. All companies are based in the NYC area
  4. All candidates will be paid market salary. Salary is to be negotiated between the candidate and the Host company.
  5. Candidates are responsible to find accommodations. The Chamber will help with referrals and introductions to other candidates
  6. The Chamber will be placing ads in Cypriot newspapers about the positions and collect resumes
  7. The Chamber will funnel all resumes to Host companies for their review
  8. Host company will perform interviews and select the candidates they need
  9. The Sponsoring organization will work with the candidates to gather all necessary paperwork and obtain the J-1 Visa
  10. The Sponsoring organization to work with the Host companies to ensure they meet all criteria (revenue and # of employees)
  11. Trainees/Interns will obtain health insurance through the Sponsoring organization for a small monthly fee
  12. The Chamber will host events to welcome the trainees/interns and to also engage them throughout their stay in NYC
  13. The trainees are expected to start in Jan 2017. We will start the recruiting this summer with first ad to hit the Cypriot newspapers in August.
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