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Remaking Cyprus: A new era of vertical + horizontal development (The AEC Event)

March 26, 2019

The exact time will be announced at a later time
MEET@SOHO, 466 Broome Street, Manhattan

Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce
Proposed 2019 Q1 Event
AEC Committee
Demetrios Comodromos
Chris Christoforou
Theo David

Event Summary
The first AEC event hosted by the Chamber will consist of a Speaker /Panel /Audience Questions session followed by a session for light food and drink and networking. We also propose to treat the event in the way that conferences are treated, by producing and distributing ‘proceedings’ in pdf format to attendees in order to create a basis of ongoing knowledge around the topic and perceived value for participants.
Proposed Time + Place
We propose that the event occur on Tuesday, March 26th , 2019. This firmly established the event at the end of the first quarter with enough time for the AEC Committee to engage speakers, outreach, and to prepare for the event.

We propose to hold the event at MEET @ SOHO, a professional meeting and training space that holds ‘Cultural and Topical Salons.’ The team at MEET is offering to let the Chamber use the space for free, and we are also able to pay at a reduced rate for bar and even catering services.
Proposed Topic. “Remaking Cyprus: A new Era of Vertical + Horizontal Development”
Coming out of the financial crisis of the last decade, Cyprus’s economy and specifically its development and construction sector are responding with rapid and innovative growth. Whether it’s the development of marinas on the waterfront, urban corridors, or high rise buildings—Cyprus is clearly engaging in a boon of meaningful and remarkable development. This event seeks to engage with professionals on the ground of this trend and discuss the who, what, where, when, and why while beginning to think of how as a community of American businesses and professionals we can engage. Key questions to be addressed:

A brief history of how the developer and real estate industry in Cyprus works, and how it fared in the Crisis
In the current new Development Era, Who are the Players? Developers, Designers, Banking and Finance Institutions?
What are the catalysts for development? Is zoning a part of this? New tax laws?
Where is the majority of this development happening?
What are the underlying market forces enabling this new era?
What are the market sectors driving it (Residential / Commercial / Municipal?)
What kinds of opportunities for participation and investment from the US are there.

Some additional concerns that may be worth considering as part of the discussion, is how Cyprus’s business posture is evolving, and how partnerships are moving away from the usual Euro/British contacts and firms to a more diversified group of manufacturers, vendors, an professionals in Israel and even the US.

Proposed Format
The proposed format for the event will be a moderated panel, with each panelist being given a short time to speak. Once the speaking has been completed, the moderator will engage the panel in a discussion followed by short questions. The proposed schedule would be as follows:
-Event Open
-5 Minute Opening - Moderator introduces the topic for and the panelists
-8 Minute Slot 1 – 1st Speaker
-8 Minute Slot 2 – 2nd Speaker
-8 Minute Slot 2 – 3rd Speaker
-15 Minute Moderated Discussion – Moderator follows up with questions pertinent questions
-15 Minute Moderated Audience Questions – Moderator engages audience to ask panelists questions
-60 Minute F+B+N – Food, Beverage + Networking. Signing up is critical as attendees and their organizations will be listed in the proceedings.

Proposed Speakers
Proposed speakers would open the umbrella of the topic, to show how Cyprus’ development culture attracts not only AEC professionals but other sectors such as finance, tourism, PR + Marketing, etc.
We propose at least three speakers
Development Expert, Vertical Development: Preferably a developer in Cyprus that can speak to the first few questions about the market, and what’s happening. For this, we have a volunteer, Despina Chrysochos. Principal in Cyfield Development in Cyprus
Development Expert, Horizontal Development: Preferably a developer in Cyprus working in the areas of urban development, particularly the Marina projects happening in Cyprus.
Technical Services, Professional Expert: Someone to speak to the professional services perspective of what’s happening in Cyprus,how this compares with the US, Greece, or the UK, and what kinds of practices and experiences have value on the ground

Follow Up
For the event to have deep value to the community, and to the specific sector, three things should come out of the event.
-The presentation of Novel Facts. This comes from the event topic, and the establishment of a connection to how people here can begin to imagine participating in whats happening in Cyprus
-New network connections. Ensure diverse and vibrant audience members to ensure the benefits of networking to those attending
-Follow up. Follow up with ‘proceedings’ that outline the key information from the event (perhaps even include slides from the speakers’ presentations, along with information on audience members for contact purposes. Issue to attendees by pdf.

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